Bill Of Quantities 

A Bill of Quantities also known as a BOQ, is a document that is prepared by a Quantity Surveyor or a Construction Cost Estimator. The document is made up of measured quantities of materials and labour derived from the project drawings, specifications and schedules. The document is used primarily as a guide to ascertain the project building costs.


The format of the BOQ we provide specifically for clients can be in various forms like; Standard BOQ, Builders BOQ or Elemental BOQ. Each form of BOQ is beneficial as it caters for the clients specific requirements. A BOQ is not to be confused with a construction cost estimate. A BOQ is much more detailed than a cost estimate as it contains the nominated specifications of the project and is measured in greater detail than a construction cost estimate. Where the cost estimate in its very nature is an estimate of probable costs.

Bill Of Quantities Types

A Standard BOQ

A standard BOQ is measured in accordance with the Australian Cost Management Manuals from the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) who are the Professional Body for Quantity Surveyors. This document is mainly used by Architects, Developers or Builders to conclude the likely costs of the proposed project.

A Builders BOQ

A Builders BOQ is as the name states is a BOQ set out specifically for a Builders use. A Builders BOQ is measured in a trade format, for example; excavation, concrete, masonry, carpentry etc. The Builders BOQ format allows the builder to be able to send the document out to their preferred subcontractors and suppliers to get actual quotes for their specific scope of works. The specifications, model numbers, code numbers, sizes are included in each trade line item where relevant to ensure there is as much information as possible provided to the subcontractor or supplier so they can save time when compiling their quotation.

The Builders BOQ gives the builder more control in coordinating their budget and take charge in what materials they can order to reduce subcontractor costs. We recommend Builders utilising a Builders BOQ over a construction cost estimate for projects they know they have a good chance of winning as the fee for a Builders BOQ is usually double of that of a construction cost estimate due to the level of detail required.

The Elemental BOQ

The Elemental BOQ is typically used by Architects, Builders and Developers. The Elemental BOQ is measured based on the major elements of the building for example; site preparation, substructure, superstructure, external walls, windows & doors, internal walls, windows & doors etc. It is used by Developers and Builders to easily identify which elements of the building are incurring a major cost and can be modified to suit the project budget requirements. Typically, Elemental BOQ’s are performed during the feasibility stage of the project life cycle. The Elemental BOQ is used quite often by Architects when they are required by Council for DA application submissions. Some Councils require an Elemental BOQ of the proposed project to work out the Section 94 Contributions to be paid to Council by the owner of the project.

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