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Newin’s established service specialises in assisting architects and designers across Sydney and Melbourne who may not have the expertise, time or resources to conduct detailed costs for clients.

As leading industry experts, Newin is a preferred and trusted partner choice that can help you grow your business dramatically.

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Are you worried you might be giving clients incorrect cost estimates?

Are you convinced the cost plan you just handed over to the client is accurate and sufficiently detailed enough to not blow out the project’s budget half-way through the job?

Newin, a trusted service providing estimates to the building and architectural industries, can work closely with architects and designers while developing an accurate cost plan for their next project before work begins.

A full value engineering and design review ensures that every project can achieve its maximum potential, deliver on your client’s expectations, and stay within budget.

Can you risk underestimating a project by 5, 10, 20%, more?

When quoting for any job you want to remain competitive without undercutting yourself, but the line between profit and underquoting can be thin. Even a 5% discrepancy on a cost summary can mean the difference between staying in profit or losing money.

Losing profit on one job means you must make up the difference in the next, on top of your usual profit margin. Can your business really afford to not be in the black on every single project?

Newin can develop detailed and accurate cost plans for any stage of your client’s project. This includes high-level feasibility costs from early design sketches, to detailed design and pre-construction phases.

When you can provide your client with such detailed milestone costs for each stage of the project you achieve full transparency throughout the pre-construction phase and are able to realistically manage and achieve the client’s expectations.

Are you looking for cost-effective expertise to help you estimate for projects for clients quickly?

Newin is a reliable and accurate report generating service which can rapidly generate a realistic cost of your designs to ensure you are meeting your clients’ budgetary expectations. Don’t wait until the concept stage as by then it is too late; your plans are likely to get scrapped if the client finds the project is financially unfeasible.

Newin can help get your project off the ground. If designs do not meet the client’s expectations, Newin will run through a value cost engineering exercise that will modify designs until they fit within the specified budget.

In this way, you help your client maintain complete fiscal control over the project before construction begins.

Newin can work closely with architects and designers while developing an accurate cost plan of their next project before work begins.

Our expert services safely support you from the beginning to the end of your project


  • Developing initial cost plans from design sketches and drawings
  • Providing costs analysis and alternative design and material proposals
  • Providing accurate cost plans from detailed design documentation
  • Providing full quantity survey of construction level documentation
  • Evaluating building tenderers and submissions
  • Evaluating and summarising financial value of building tenderer
  • Evaluating contractor’s progress claims
  • Evaluating contractor’s variation requests
  • Providing in-depth progress reports
  • Creating accurate and detailed project cost reports

Locals Trust Us

“Fast and professional, they provided high-quality work and were very efficient. Very happy and will use again”

Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly

“I found using Newin Estimating Services helped me win more business. Their professional approach and efficiency enabled me to go for more tenders and increase my strike rate. I would recommend their services to any builder or subcontractor who does not have the time to do estimating themselves”

Frank Tarabay – Managing Director
Every Trade Building Services

“They explained the process clearly and were able to complete the renovation and fit out of our practice well within the budgetary estimates”

BDS – Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Sydney

Experience Matters

With 10 years’ + experience in the construction industry as quantity surveyors and building estimators, our passion is to help provide accurate cost plans that win our clients more contracts with less time.

Quality Matters

When it comes to cost estimates and quantity surveying, we deeply believe that attention to detail and full transparency is crucial in delivering accurate results.


Service Matters

We not only provide our standard cost plan but also a customised plan to integrate with your systems such as BuildSoft or Excel.

Budget Matters

We understand budget is important to your profitability, our cost plan starts from AUD$900+GST

Communication Matters

We work around the clock for clients, even if you need a hand over the weekend. We’re available for you.

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