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Want to make a nice healthy profit on your next development project?
As leading industry experts, Newin’s established service assist developers across Sydney and Melbourne who may not have the skills, time or resources to accurately cost projects.

Over the years, Newin has become a preferred and trusted partner choice for developers. We specialise in development projects ranging from $1 million up to $150 million, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

The Newin team is experienced at working with developers throughout all stages of a project to provide peace of mind and security that the development will continue through to completion.

Our accurate and thorough reports of on-site feasibility and design costings will eliminate the risk of underestimating the cost of construction and ensure you and your clients are in the best position to maximize profits on all developments.

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We Are Great At Helping Developers Make A Profit

Are you planning on developing a new construction site?

Newin is an innovative company working with developers at the conception phase of projects and assisting in the development of feasibility studies and cost proposals.

We can help you move your project through the initial stages of the project life cycle while you develop more detailed designs.

Don’t want to risk underestimating the construction?

Newin understands the challenges in creating a detailed cost analysis for a project, be it residential, commercial, or industrial.

We are an established service that can help you navigate the unpredictable fiscal nature of a project and provide cost proposals at any level of accuracy which will fulfil the expectations of developers and their consultants.

Want to know if your project will return a profit and is even worth undertaking?

We bring knowledge, strategic advice, and experience in developing customisable budget analyses for individual sites or multi-stage projects.

Our project and site feasibility reports will help you determine the financial feasibility of a project with a rapid cost analysis that keeps pace with the fast-changing property development industry.

Newin can work closely with architects and designers while developing an accurate cost plan for their next project before work begins.

Our expert services safely support you from start to end


  • Creating initial feasibility studies for an individual site or multi-stage projects
  • Creating a customisable cost analysis of a project-based on-site or individual criteria
  • Providing an accurate report at any level of project inception
  • Advising on residential, commercial, and industrial sites
  • Developing viable strategies for the efficient fiscal management of a development


“Fast and professional, they provided high-quality work and were very efficient. Very happy and will use again”

Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly

“I found using Newin Estimating Services helped me win more business. Their professional approach and efficiency enabled me to go for more tenders and increase my strike rate. I would recommend their services to any builder or subcontractor who does not have the time to do estimating themselves”

Frank Tarabay – Managing Director
Every Trade Building Services

“They explained the process clearly and were able to complete the renovation and fit out of our practice well within the budgetary estimates”

BDS – Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Sydney

Experience Matters

With 10 years’ + experience in the construction industry as quantity surveyors and building estimators, our passion is to help provide accurate cost plans that win our clients more contracts with less time.

Quality Matters

When it comes to cost estimates and quantity surveying, we deeply believe that attention to detail and full transparency is crucial in delivering accurate results.


Service Matters

We not only provide our standard cost plan but also a customised plan to integrate with your systems such as BuildSoft or Excel.

Budget Matters

We understand budget is important to your profitability, our cost plan starts from AUD$900+GST

Communication Matters

We work around the clock for clients, even if you need a hand over the weekend. We’re available for you.

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