Residential Building Cost Estimator

For residential home owners in Sydney and Melbourne

As a future home-owner, you will enjoy greater peace-of-mind if you know from the outset precisely what your build is going to cost and that there will be no surprises or budget blow-outs.

The Newin residential building cost estimation service is a complete package. A detailed breakdown of all costs lets home-owners know how much every room, every trade, and every piece of material will add to the budget.

Our detailed reports are created in line with current market costs, which means that homeowners will be able to accurately analyse quotes from different builders and eliminate those which don’t reflect current or reasonable market rates.

You will have detailed knowledge of what your costs should be and will immediately know when builders are overcharging you.

We’ll help you save money on your home construction

The cost of not having a detailed estimation of a new home could end up running into thousands of dollars over budget. However, by working with Newin, most homeowners will reduce their costs by 10 – 15%, which could amount to a savings of over $30,000.

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For residential architects – building cost estimator

Architects can work with Newin to win more clients with detailed cost estimates on any design. We can work from the initial sketch stage and create a cost estimate that your client can use to determine if their residential build fits within their budget.

Should your initial designs fall out of the range of your client’s budget, Newin can work with you to refine and modify the plan to bring its costs back into feasibility.

For builders and developers- building cost estimator

As a builder, accurate quotes are essential to maximising profit on every project, so you aren’t forced to chase lost capital on every subsequent job.

Newin’s accurate cost estimates will also help you monitor and compare rates from sub-contractors, to give your quote a more precise final figure.

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