The Role of Quantity Surveyors: Benefits To Construction Projects

How quantity surveyors can help you

Construction projects are complex puzzles that demand meticulous planning, financial precision, and efficient management. A key player that ensures every project is completed on budget and on time is the quantity surveyor.

What Do Quantity Surveyors Do and How Newin Can Help?

A quantity surveyor performs many different roles in a construction project, but their primary contribution is as a financial and contractual advisor.

Their expertise lies in costing a project at every stage, procurement, and tendering, monitoring the value of variations, and measuring work in progress to ensure the project is constructed at a fair and equitable cost.

Cost estimation: Accurately measuring the cost of a project is the primary role of a quantity surveyor, where they assess the resources, labour, and equipment costs.

In-depth industry knowledge means quantity surveyors know potential variations caused by market fluctuations and supply chain issues. With Newin, you can rely on detailed, accurate cost estimates based on current market trends.

Procurement: A quantity surveyor is often responsible for selecting and sourcing materials and subcontractors and ensuring the choices align with the project’s budget and quality requirements. At Newin, we are experienced contract negotiators who can help you streamline your supply chains and subcontractor procurement.

Cost control: A quantity surveyor will continuously monitor costs to ensure the project stays on budget. They track expenditures, identify cost overruns, and implement proactive strategies to ensure these issues don’t result in financial setbacks and delays. Newin’s real-time monitoring of costs and regular reporting will ensure your project always stays on budget.

Risk management: Every project has risks, but quantity surveyors are experts at identifying risks and developing strategies to circumvent them. Risk management includes evaluating contracts and insurance requirements and introducing risk management strategies. Newin has decades of experience recognising and managing risks to ensure project completion.

Value engineering: This is all about optimising a project without compromising performance or quality. Analytics combined with personal insights from experience means we can help you find compromises that won’t impact the quality of the project.

Project documentation: Every project requires detailed documentation for transparency and accountability. A quantity surveyor will ensure all documentation is in order, such as financial transactions, change orders, and variations, and ensure that all documents can withstand an audit to prevent expensive legal disputes.


How a quantity surveying service provider can help you?

Experienced quantity surveyors like Newin Building Estimating Services offer extensive expertise and guidance to home builders and developers in the Bank Finance Report requirements as we work with a number of leading banks. Find out more about our Quantity Surveying Services across Sydney and Melbourne right here.

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