Section 94 Council Reports Sydney: Do I Need One?

Understanding section 94 council reports

When your Sydney building cost estimates for a new project come in at more than $500,000, it’s likely you will need a section 94 council report. This article discusses what a section 94 quantity surveyor report is, its purpose, and how to create one.


What is a section 94 council report?

Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act was enacted in 1979 and is designed to introduce extra resources for the council to draw from when developers have new residences or commercial premises planned. The purpose of the levies is to ensure the council can provide for future planning needs, public services, and infrastructure required because of the new development.

In short, it’s a buffer that guarantees a council will have the necessary funds to finance the infrastructure of a growing community. The contributions are most often used for building community centres, road upgrades, and creating public open spaces such as parks.

In this way, the council gets an overarching view of the intended development and has the data required for calculating the size of the contribution.


Who can create a section 94 quantity surveyors report?

The Section 94 Quantity surveyors report is mandatory, but it can be created by chartered surveyors and ones that are registered with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. We here at Newin in Sydney are professional quantity surveyors qualified to produce these reports.


Why Use Newin Building Estimating Services in Sydney for Your Section 94 Council Report?

Quantity surveyors need to produce accurate construction cost estimates to ensure the viability of the project so you can get started with the planning, but they can also help with a lot more. Most construction projects are dynamic, and a building cost estimator can regularly update your costs, so you always keep control of the project finances.

Detailed record keeping is essential for monitoring changing costs during a project, which often occurs on a weekly basis. The cost of components, labour, and materials is always changing, and working with a partner who knows where the best deals are at any time can produce significant savings and keep your project under budget and profitable.

When your project requires a section 94 councils report, you can rely on Newin for accuracy. Discover more ways about how we can help you keep more of the profit with your next development by calling today.

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