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Imagine saving $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 on your next build?
That’s the power of an accurate building cost estimation report.




Reports Completed to Date

18+ years

Industry Expertise


Average Cost Savings

 Trusted with over 7,000 reports to date

Our reports start from AUD $990 and focus on:


You’ll get to tap into our 18 years of trusted industry experience and specialist approach to delivering highly accurate cost estimates and quantity surveys.

Excellent ROI

 With our expert guidance, Newin typically help clients save 10 – 15% on their construction costs – which could mean an extra $30,000+ in your pocket.

All Types of Projects

We’ve built a team that has solid experience over a range of projects; commercial, industrial or residential construction projects.

Cost Transparency

Unlike other agencies, we don’t use cost guides as we don’t find them reliable for our clients. We believe in going much deeper to give you concrete data and rates so that you’ll feel secure with your budgets and the decisions you make.

Cost Estimates

Construction Estimators in Footscray

Are you planning a building project or home construction in Footscray VIC?

Let Newin Building Estimating Services provide you with highly accurate project costings and construction cost estimate reports.

Our team of experienced professionals, including founder Hai Nguyen, have over 18 years of industry expertise.  We use the latest market data to ensure that our construction costings are as precise as possible. We work with domestic, and commercial builders, homeowners, architects, as well as developers, offering a proven system that will de-risk your project and  put more money back in your pocket.

Our comprehensive cost planning and control procedures can help you keep your project within budget, identify ways to save on labour and material costs, and de-risk your project. Whether you’re working on a simple renovation, new home build, commercial or industrial project, or high-rise residential project, we can help you achieve your project goals.


Utilising a construction estimator for the whole project cycle is highly beneficial for the following reasons:

Can ensure the proposed design is within the construction cost budget
Perform value cost engineering if required
Use the cost estimate when comparing building/subcontractor quotes
Engaging the construction cost estimator to produce/assess progress claims and or variations
This will ensure all construction cost aspects of the build are handled in a manner to mitigate construction cost blowout.
Hai Nguyen building estimator sydney

Get the Honest Truth on what your Build will Cost

Hi, I’m Hai Nguyen, founder of Newin Building Estimating Services, and that’s what I’ll help you do – get the honest truth about what your building project will cost, so that you can make the best-informed decision.

Over the years we’ve seen clients get caught out with overpriced builders or simply inaccurate costings that sadly leave many financially strained.

Our number one focus is providing you with a return on investment (ROI) on the reports you receive. And that means we’ll spend the time with you to identify opportunities to save and get the best bang for your dollar.

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Unlike other agencies, we don’t use cost guides as we don’t find them reliable for our clients. We believe in going much deeper to give you concrete data and rates so that you’ll feel secure with your budgets and the decisions you make.

Powered by more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry, we proudly service leading builders, architects and developers across Sydney and Melbourne as well as homeowners directly, that trust Newin with their building projects.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on, affordable and eager to share ways on how you can bring your building project to life, with complete control, on time and within budget.

Our complete range of Footscray services

We help builders, architects, developers, & homeowners across residential and commercial with:

New Construction Building Cost Estimate Reports
Extension and Renovation Cost Estimate Reports
Independent Building Contract Price Evaluations
Material and Trade Price Cost Evaluations
Building Consultancy
Finance Reports for Banks & Financial Institutions
Building Cost Disputes and Reporting
Contract Administration

Council Cost Reports

Feasibility Studies for Builders & Developers

Cost Planning by Project Phase- Concept, Design, Detailed & Tender

Building Progress Claim Reports & Variation Assessments

Do I need to get a
Building Cost Estimate?

We get asked this question all the time and the answer is- can you afford not to? Can you afford…


Uncertainty during construction is an unfortunate reality, especially with building and labour cost increases in the last two years. We aim to empower you by offering greater peace of mind that you’ll be able to complete your project within budget.


Financial loss?

Building costs are going up, with some materials 4X compared to two years ago. We’ll help you identify material and labour cost-saving opportunities in the thousands.

Project delays?

With highly transparent cost plans and documentation that can be communicated to trades and suppliers, your project will have a much higher chance of being completed without costly delay. We can point out areas of your build where potential delays can occur to allow for fore sight in the construction timeline.


Financial exposure?

Incorrect cost plans and building budgets may affect your construction loan and bank finance capacity. We aim to help minimise this risk by providing highly accurate cost reports based on the latest market rates.



We enjoy a great working relationship with Hai at Newin Building Estimating Services. He is always incredibly responsive and never misses a deadline. As a growing building company we rely on professionals that we can trust and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Hai for many, many years to come
Mark Baddock
Baddock Building
“Fast and professional, they provided high-quality work and were very efficient. Very happy and will use again”
Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly
“I found using Newin Estimating Services helped me win more business. Their professional approach and efficiency enabled me to go for more tenders and increase my strike rate. I would recommend their services to any builder or subcontractor who does not have the time to do estimating themselves”
Frank Tarabay – Managing Director
Every Trade Building Services
“They explained the process clearly and were able to complete the renovation and fit out of our practice well within the budgetary estimates”
BDS – Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Sydney
Ethics and transparency are his biggest strengths”. Knowing Hai for over 5 years, I rely on his services. He has outstanding attention to detail, is punctual, and sticks to deadlines. I support him completely, I refer him to others in the industry and there is no doubt.

Tarn Miller
TCM Building Services

He is very accurate with his building estimations. I find him reliable, hard-working, and extremely likable which is why I continue to engage his services and refer him to others.
Mick Dryver
Billabong Construction & Development

Learn the Footscray construction estimating process of Newin

Newin Building Estimating Services is your trusted partner for precise construction cost estimation in Footscray and all of Melbourne. Our expert team collaborates with subcontractors and suppliers to gather real-time market rates, ensuring accurate calculations for materials and labour. With our detailed cost estimate report, make informed decisions, achieve budget goals, and bring your project to life with confidence.

When you choose Newin, you’ll gain access to our extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers, allowing us to obtain the most up-to-date market rates and historical data. This means that our cost estimations for materials and labour are not only accurate but also reflective of the local Sydney market dynamics.

Why choose Newin?

Expert construction cost estimates: We provide accurate and detailed construction cost estimation services across Footscray and all Melbourne and Victoria.

Local knowledge: Our team has in-depth knowledge of Melbourne and Victoria, allowing us to provide estimates based on real, local data.

Customised rates: Our rates are tailored to fit the specific requirements of each building project, considering factors like location, local contractors, and level of finish.

Early stage estimation: We recommend using our services in the concept stage of a building project to ensure that the proposed design aligns with budget requirements.

Cost optimisation and savings: We identify opportunities for cost reduction, recommend alternative materials, and suggest efficient construction methods. This process has helped some of our clients save tens of thousands of dollars!

Value engineering solutions: If costs are higher than expected, we can recommend alternative materials and structures to reduce building costs without compromising the design’s scope or quality.

Commitment to quality: We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their budget goals while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive building advisory services: Our property and construction advisory services cater to a diverse range of clientele, including homeowners, architects, developers, and domestic, commercial, and industrial builders.

Support throughout the project: Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or nearing project completion, our team is equipped to support you at every step of your building and construction journey.

We Help

Architects & Designers

Ensure your proposed designs stay within clients budgets


Win more projects and stay up to date with market rates

Home Owners

Don’t get caught out with overpriced builders


We partner to help you profit

Cost Estimate Outsourcing

Solutions for builders, developers and architects  to outsouce their cost estimates, saving time, money & risk

Newin is a trusted partner of choice across the Building & Construction industry

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