Building in Melbourne – 10 Tips to Prevent Renovation Disasters

Building in Melbourne – The pitfalls to watch for

We have all heard of building and renovation disaster stories. Many occur because Melbourne homeowners are inexperienced in renovating so they try to save money and take shortcuts, sometimes simply making the wrong choices along the way. Here’s a summary of common pitfalls to watch out for.


Building in Melbourne – Top ten  no-nos

  1. Overindulgence– We would all love the best fixtures, fittings, door handles, cooktops, wall tiles, and the like, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you should. Work out a budget upfront and stick to it.
  2. Over capitalisation– Consider the average value of a property in your area when planning a renovation. If you over-capitalise, you risk losing money when you sell.
  3. Site planning– Avoid bad site planning. For instance, outdoor areas should be as functional as possible for maximum enjoyment.
  4. DIY (Do-it-yourself)– The first thing to realise about doing home renovations in Melbourne yourself is that some are illegal and some are complicated. Some renovations require only licensed builders, plumbers, and electricians to complete properly.
  5. Drastic design changes– Before you renovate, take into consideration the structure’s original design. Adding a house extension is one area where this is crucial. The goal should be to add as much value to the original design.
  6. Illegal construction– Avoid building without permits and inspections. Illegal construction can result in fines and penalties up to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s smarter to comply with regulations. All qualified builders Melbourne will know the difference.
  7. Tree removal– Beautiful trees can add value to your property, while having them removed may be costly and devalue your property. Consider if a tree needs to be removed or if your design can incorporate it as a key feature.
  8. Structural issues– Before beginning home renovations, have your flooring, subfloor, and walls inspected. If you try to renovate faulty structural areas, it may end up being more costly to fix later on. This defeats your purpose. A specific example would be not to expect a painter to work on cracked walls and windows. That will end up in expensive repairs and repaints in just a short period.
  9. Major plumbing and electrical configuration changes– It can become extremely costly to change the location of these. If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, try and see if you can work with the existing electrical and plumbing configurations as best as possible.
  10. Selecting the wrong tradies – Do your research and don’t risk it. Tradies without licenses or insurance, tradies that offer to undercut other quotes or tradies with no demonstrated track record could leave you disappointed and significantly out of pocket.


Bonus tip: Consider engaging a Melbourne Building Cost Estimator

One of the most common challenges in construction projects is dealing with wrong budgets or inaccurate costings. These inaccuracies can lead to significant setbacks, delays, and even project failures. When budgets are underestimated or costs are inaccurately calculated, it can strain finances, impact project timelines, and compromise the quality of the outcome. Moreover, inaccurate costings can result in disputes between stakeholders, leading to additional stress and potentially damaging relationships.

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s crucial to work with an experienced Building Cost Estimator who can provide precise cost estimations and meticulously plan project budgets. With accurate costings and careful budget management, construction projects can proceed smoothly and efficiently, ultimately achieving success while avoiding unnecessary setbacks


Use a Melbourne building cost estimator and get into your new home faster

Melbourne construction cost estimators like Newin Building Estimating Services remove much of the hassle and uncertainty of new home builds, creating an excellent resource for overcoming the current spate of challenges. By using professional connections in the building industry and drawing on their decades of experience, Newin can help new home buyers more accurately estimate building costs and ensure their project remains on schedule.

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